Terracom Systems

We are a full-service systems contractor and integrator that employ trained sales engineers, system specialists, project managers and field technicians. We are capable of handling your communications and system integration projects from start to finish including: system layout and design, installation, in-service training, and 24-hour emergency service.

We ensure that each system is custom designed with the facility and unit’s specific needs in mind. This process prevents facilities from having to pay for unnecessary and unused functions-or conversely, suffer insufficient performance capability as we pride ourselves in
leading with the best in industry performance.

We strive to understand each facility’s communications objectives and budget requirements first. Then we design the optimum system to reach these goals while allowing the
communications system the ability to change and grow along with the facility. Terracom
Systems realizes that each facility has its own set of distinct
communications needs directly related to factors such as facility/floor layout, and centralized or decentralized systems for large organizations. Our diverse experience allows us to present a variety of viable solutions and help facilities select and implement the most practical options.

Contact us for your free needs assessment. We are here to help your organization to move
forward in achieving your current and future security, life safety and other communication initiatives.