Securing The Schools

Terracom Systems understands the importance that security and communication play in the day-to-day running of our schools for the safety of its staff, students as well as the protection of its assets. Technology has changed the way we learn inside the classroom and School Districts are now recognizing the significance that technology plays on the building itself.

We realize that every facility is unique in the products they desire, and Terracom Systems will spend the time to determine the applicable needs and functions of each school.

Terracom provides a wide range of security and communication options that are customized to each client, whether it is on a per school basis or district-wide need. We will also look ahead to determine future needs and provide solutions for system upgrades as new technologies are released or as client needs arise.

Terracom Systems has worked with many school districts to integrate out-of-date systems with new technologies that enable the end user to have more control and security options. We offer the highest quality of products to ensure that schools and districts are confident with the investment into their security and communication systems that encompasses smart emergency responses, event management and everyday communication.

Terracom's Education Systems include: